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Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Wow, we're already on the last chapter in this fanfic series and all I have to say is to people who read this fanfic from the beginning and I mean from the first chapter of this fanfic series, thank you for reading this and liking the series. I couldn't done this without you guys support and liking it. I don't want to say much but I hope you enjoy the last chapter and I'll meet you at the end of the chapter....


Jeff's P.O.V

I ran up to (Y/n)'s body as she collapsed to the ground. She started to close her eyes as her breathing started to become less and less steady.

"(Y/n)! You're going to be alright" I said. She didn't say anything back.

"(Y/n)? (Y/n)?!" I said as I grabbed her body and hugged her close.

Her eyes were closed but I could still hear her heartbeat; luckily she was unconscious. I looked back at her insane's body and it started to light up. I looked in shock as the body disappeared and I felt (Y/n)'s body twitch.

"Jeff!" BEN yelled, running up to me with the others followed.

I looked at BEN and EJ came up to (Y/N) and checked her pulse. He looked at me. "We need to get her out of here now."

I nodded and I was going to ask him about (Y/n)'s pulse but I will probably ask later. We all ran out of the room and escaped the place. We finally made it back to the manor and EJ ordered me to take (Y/n) up to his room immediately and don't give any excuses. I quickly did what I was told as EJ followed behind. I lay her on his bed as he grabbed some needles.

"Jeff, I'm going to need you to wait outside..." EJ said.

"What? No... I got to stay with her." I said.

"Jeff, she's dying right now and all I need to do is wait outside until I call you in." he said.


"No buts Jeff, when we were at Zalgo's, her pulse rate was slowing down. I need to stitch her wounds and put some blood in her. If not, she will die from major blood loss." he said.

I sighed. "What do you expect to do?"

"Just wait outside until I'm done." he said, pushing me out the door quickly and shutting it behind me.

I was getting worried already and I only been outside his room for 10 seconds. I waited and waited for a long time and looked at the clock, it was already one in the morning and EJ was still wasn't done.

'Please let her be okay.......Please let her be okay....'

I waited for another hour or so and I started to get tired. I sighed and hit my back to a wall, sliding down till I hit the ground as I brought my knees close to my body until I heard EJ's door open. I stood up quickly and looked at him, he just stood there in silence.

"Is she okay?" I said.

"Jeff, sh-"

"IS. SHE. OKAY?!" I yelled.

He nodded. "She's alright. There were times where she almost gave up but I kept telling her to keep holding on. All of her cuts plus her broken bones are trying to heal and..."

"And what EJ?" I said.

He sighed and put a hand on my shoulder. "Jeff, she's going to be in a coma for a few weeks."

"Coma?" I said.

He nodded. "Yes, coma. As in, she will be in a deep sleep and sh-"

"I know what's a coma is! But, just why?" I said.

"She took a battle against her own insanity. She was stabbed, been thrown to walls really hard plus her neck has a couple of broken bones. If she wasn't in a coma right now, she will be in a lot of pain right now so a coma is best for her. You can see her whenever you like but whatever you do, don't try to wake her up. Let her get some rest and she'll wake up herself." he said

"Fine but can I see her now?" I said.

He nodded. "Yeah and if you need me, I'll be downstairs eating some kidneys. Eating her kidneys wasn't enough for me."

I looked at him. "WHAT?!"

"I'm just kidding with you, I didn't eat her kidneys...yet." he said as walk away.

I sighed as I walked inside the room and the only thing I see is (Y/n)'s body just laying still on the bed. She had bandages covering her neck, arms and stomach. I walked over to her and grabbed EJ's rolling chair and sat next to (Y/n). I put a hand over her cheek and her body shivered a bit. I removed my hand from her cheek than I grabbed her wrist to check her pulse, it was steady and calm. I sighed in relief that she's okay but now I feel pity that its my fault that she's in a coma. I sighed again as I let go of her wrist and looked at myself in a mirror.

"Did you ever think that a person like you will ever be with someone like her?"

The words Zalgo told me when I was in the jail cell repeated in my mind but I shook my head and looked at her injured body again.

I sighed. "I guess Zalgo was right, someone like her shouldn't be with someone like me. Maybe I'm stupid to think that."

"No, you're not." a voice said.

I looked at the direction of the voice to see Isaiah standing by the door. "You're not stupid to think that."

"You heard?" I said.

He nodded. "Yeah, I heard all of it and it seems that you've fallen in love with her."

I looked at him. "You think I'm in love with her?"

He nodded again. "Yeah, and I think she loves you too."

"How would you know?" I said.

"I've known her for mostly my whole life, I could tell if she likes, loves or even hates someone easily. And I can prove it to you, tell me everything that you about her or what has happened since she was here and I'll tell you if likes, hates or loves you." he said.

For probably an hour or so, I explained everything (Y/n) did here at the manor like it was just yesterday. He would nod from time to time  and sometimes look at (Y/n).  Once I finished, I looked at him as he looked down and sighed. "Well Jeff..." he sighed once more and looked at me. "She loves you. To be exact, she's in love with you."

My eyes widen more than ever. "S-she's in love with me?"

He nodded. "Yes, she is. She might not shown it but that's her. If she didn't love you, how come she stayed? Because if she did hate you, she would've ran away from you a long time ago then would've come back and killed you. But instead, she stayed here with you instead and did she along with everybody?"

"Everyone except for Jane." I said.

"Well she hates her, simple as that. Anything else?" he said.

"Well, there's one thing I'm going to need your help on...." I said.


Your P.O.V

..........(Y/N)?.........(Y/n), can you hear me?..........(Y/n)?..............Can you hear me? (Y/n)?............

You eyes slowly fluttered open as your eyes adjusted as a bright light took over your sight and blinded you for a second as you noticed someone opened the window curtains.

"Sorry about that (Y/n) but it seems that you needed some sunlight in this dark room." a voice said. You knew who that voice belongs to.

"I-Isaiah?" you said.

Isaiah looked at you and gave you a goofy smile. "Yeah, the one and only!"

You rolled your eyes and smiled until your smile dropped as you felt a cold hand on your cheek . You turned to owner of that hand to see Jeff smiling as usual. "Jeff?"

His smile widen. "Yeah?"

You looked around your surroundings and noticed you weren't in you room. "Where am I?"

"You're in EJ's room." he said.

"Why am I in his room?" you said.

He explained everything that happened when you were knocked out. After her finished explaining, you sat from the bed and looked at your arms; They were covered in bandages and some blood stains were spotted. Then you lifted your ripped-up shirt to see your stomach bandaged up as well. You looked down as memories that happened before you knocked out took over your visions before the memories faded. You looked at Jeff. "How long was I out?"

He sighed and looked at you. "About a month."

"A month?" you said.

He nodded. "Yeah, you need to let your body healed from what happened."

"Anything else I should I know?" you said.

He shook his head. "Nope, that's all you need to know."

"Alright." you said as you started to take the bandages off.

"What are you doing?" Isaiah and Jeff said in unison.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm taking the bandages off." you said as you took the last of the bandages off.

Then, EJ and BEN entered the room. "Hey guys, I'm going need to ta-" EJ stopped when he saw you awake and with your bandages off. "Well, its better than me taking them off."

BEN looks at you then at Jeff. "Hey Jeff, since she's already awake, are you going t-" he said before Jeff covered his mouth.

"What?" you said.

"Oh nothing!" Jeff said.

"Alright." you said.


It has been a week or two since you woke up from your coma and everyone has been acting weird more than usual. Jane would bee nice to you and tries to help you, EJ and BEN would keep you company sometimes and Isaiah and Jeff would always leave the manor a lot. You started to think that maybe since you were in a coma, they wanted you to have some time for yourself but then you were wondering what's going on when Jane starts helping you. At first, you thought you were dreaming when she started helping you but then when she was doing stuff for you, you knew it wasn't a dream. Right now, you're just sitting in the living room, trying to watch TV while Jane was asking you if you needed anything.

"Jane, why are being so nice to me all of the sudden? I thought you wanted me dead?" you said.

"I know but I know a simple apology isn't going to resolve it so I'm helping you to let you know that I'm sorry." Jane said.

"If I say I forgive you, will you leave me alone?" you said.

She nodded. "Yes."

"Jane, I forgive you now leave me alone." you said and she left.

You sighed in relief as you watched TV alone until you heard footsteps coming towards you. You looked to see its was Isaiah.

"(Y/n)? What are you doing?" he said.

You pointed at the TV. "Watching TV."

"Well, I need to ask you a favor." he said.

"Which is?" you said.

He smiled and he pulled out something behind him, a black and (f/c) striped dress. "I need you wear this."

"Not a chance." you said as you turned off the TV.

"Why not?" he said.

"Two reasons my friend. One, I don't like wearing dresses. And two, last time I had to wear a dress, I was going to forcefully get married to a monster and almost got killed by my own insanity." you said.

"Hey, at least you survived from being killed. And besides, it has your favorite color!" he said.

"I don't care, I'm still not going to wear it." you as you walked away.

He followed. "Just put on the dress and I promise you, if you put it on, I will do anything you want me to do."

"No." you said.



"Please? Please? Please?"

You sighed. "You aren't going to leave me alone if I don't put it on, are you?"

He nodded. "You know me so well."

You sighed. "I can't believe I'm saying this but, I'll put on the dress."

He handed you the dress as you went to your room to put it on. Then you looked at yourself in the mirror.

'I hate this dress. I look like wierd in this!.....'

"(Y/n)? Did you already put the dress on?" Isaiah said as he knocked on your door.

"Yeah." you said.

Then, he opened the door with Jane behind him while both of the had their hands behind their backs.

"Why are your hands behind your backs?" you said.

"Well, we need got a surprise for you." Isaiah said as Jane nodded. They both removed their hands behind their backs to see that Isaiah was holding a box as Jane was a curling iron.

"Oh hell no." you said as they sat you down on a chair.

"I'll do her hair while you give her the shoes." Jane said as she started curling your hair.

"Put on these shoes (Y/n) and no ifs or buts." Isaiah said as he tossed the box to you. You opened the box to see a pair of black high heels.

"Hell no." you said. "There's no way I'm putting these shoes!"

"Put. Them. On." he said.

You shook your head. "Hell. No."

He sighed. "Jane, she's not going to budge."

"Fine, does she have any boots?" Jane said.

"Actually, she does." Isaiah said as he went to your closet to find a pair of black boots. "Since you won't wear the heels, wear these instead." He tossed the boots at you.

"Fine." you said as put the boots on.

After Jane curled your hair and the small agreement between you and Jane on putting some make-up on your face, they covered your eyes with a blindfold and lead you out of the manor.

"Where are we going?" you said.

"Its a suprise!" Isaiah said.

"A suprise? Isaiah, you didn't bring any explosives with you?" you said.

"Don't worry, there won't be any explosives." Jane said.

"Plus that and I ran out of explosives a while ago." he said.

"Did you do something illegal?" you said.

"Pfft! What?" he said.

"I'm serious. Did you or did you not do something illegal with the explosives?" you said.

"Its only illegal on school grounds." he said.

You facepalmed. "I'm not going to ask how or why but the same question from earlier, where are we going?"

"The same answered I'm going to give you earlier, its a suprise!" he said.

After probably about 30 minutes or more, you were wondering whee they were taking you. Before you ask something, you heard footsteps.

"Isaiah?" you said.

No response but just footsteps and rustling.

"Jane?" you said.

No response again but now footsteps coming closer.

"Who's there?" you said.

The footsteps came closer and closer until you felt someone grabbed your hand and they started to lead you somewhere.

"Where are we going?" you asked.

The unknown person doesn't answer but continues walking until they stopped. You were about to take off the blind until you heard something that you hadn't heard in a long time.

:music: Dancing bears,painted wings. Things I almost remember and a song someone sings, once upon a December. Someone holds me safe and warm, horses prance through a silver storm. Figures dancing gracefully, across my memory. :music:

"W-what?" you said.

'That song.....Mom always sang it to me when I was scared or sad before she died....... It was my lullaby.....'

The unknown person continued to leads you as the song continues to get louder and louder as walk further and further.

:music: Someone holds me safe and warm, horses prance through a silver storm. Figures dancing gracefully, across my memory. :music:

You continued to listen to the song as memories filled your head of you and mom together. You still remembered that the last thing your mom did before she died was sang you this song.

:music: Far away, long ago, things I yern to remember. And a song someone sings, once upon a December. :music:

The unknown person stopped one more and let go of your hand as you heard footsteps fading away from you. You took off the blindfold to see that you were on a cliff, not far from the woods but was close to a waterfall that shined beautifully in the moonlight. There was a blanket laying by the edge of the cliff with all of your favorite desserts.

"Whoa...." were the only words that could describe what you were seeing. You were amazed, probably even more them that. You were stunned.

:music: And a song someone sings, once upon a December.......:music:

The song finished as you heard footsteps behind you. You turned around to see Jeff, coming closer to you as he was holding a bouquet of blood red roses.

"You like?" he said.

You nodded. "Yeah."

He stood in front of you as he handed you the bouquet. "Good cause this was all for you."

"For me?" you said as you held the roses.

He nodded. "Yeah and I had some help from somebody."


Jeff's P.O.V

"Well she hates her, simple as that. Anything else?" Isaiah said.

"Well, there's one thing I'm going to need your help on...." I said.

"What is it?" he said.

I scratched the back of my head. "Well, I was thinking that I should do something for (Y/n) after she wakes up from her coma."

"Okay and you need me for?" he said.

"I'm going to need some help on knowing some more info about her. You know, what she likes and some other things." I said.

"Alright but just to be sure, you won't kill me will you?" he said.

"That depends." I said.

"Depends on what?" he said, raising an eyebrow.

"Depends on if you annoy or bother me." I said.

"Oh. Well, I'll try not to be both of those then." he said.

"Oh, and one more thing. Since you're going to be living here, try to not get yourself killed." I said.

"Alright." he said.

During the week, we had started planning the whole thing for (Y/n). There has been times when I almost want to kill Isaiah and rip his guts but, I always have to tell myself that this is for (Y/n) and I knew I had to suck it up, even if it made me punch walls. After the week of planning and punching walls being fixed, we had started to order everything we needed. Isaiah even made me practice on what I should say to (Y/n) with Jane. It was the worst idea he had because it ended with me fighting Jane or me choking him almost to death. He then made me practice with BEN instead. Slender had let us used where the cliff next to waterfall to set up the whole thing.


Your P.O.V

"You got help from Isaiah?" you said.

Jeff nodded. "Yeah."

"Did he annoy you?" you said.

"Just a bit but-" he said before you interrupted.

"But there was times where you would want to kill him?"

"How did you know?" he said.

"Happens many times." you said.

"Well, why don't we go eat the desserts?" he said.

"Alright." you said as both walked up the blanket full of delicious desserts.

You ate as much of you could handle as you smiled and treasured each dessert you ate. You looked at Jeff as you noticed he was looking back.

"What?" you said.

He smiled and grabbed your hand as his other hand moved a piece of your hair behind your hair. He laid his forehead against yours and he looked deeply into your eyes and you looked back. Your (e/c) eyes shined in the moonlight as his blue eyes glinted a bit. You both stared in silence for what feels like eternity before Jeff spoke. "You look very beautiful, especially when you smile."

You blushed. "T-thanks."

His smile widen as he pulled closer you closer while one hand held one of your tinted cheek. "(Y/n), can I tell you something?"

You nodded. "Sure."

"I didn't think that a person like me would feel what it feels like to love somebody but that all changed before I saw you. When I first saw you, I was going to kill you but then I saw how different you were from other girls. I knew there was something special about you that gotten my attention. Then when I brought you here, I gotten to know more of you. You even had me fall in love with you and it grows more every time I see you." he said.

"Y-You're...... in love with me?" you said.

He nodded. "Yes. Now I have a question to ask you. Do you love me?"

You smiled and nodded. "Yes and I think I'm in love with you."

He smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too." you said as you both shared a long and passionate kiss. 

 ~The End~

Well, that's the end of this fanfic. I hope you enjoyed it......

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