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November 3, 2013
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Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Your P.O.V

"How can he come back if Jeff killed him?" you asked Slendy.

"Zalgo has his ways to come back. And when he does.....he could come and kill anyone he could kill in a minute or worse..." he said.

You wondered 'Could someone came back to life even if they have been decapitated?..'

 You shrugged it off and went to the living room to see a bruised but scared BEN and Jack. They looked at you and hide behind the couch.

"What are you two doing?" you said.

They peek behind from the couch and looked around. "We're trying to hide from Jeff.." Jack whispered.

"Why?" you said.

"Because we almost hit you with a burrito!!" BEN yelled but Jack covered his mouth and shushed him.

"True but, it not like you were planning to. Right?" you said.

"No." they both said.

They looked around to see if the coast was clear. No sign of Jeff and they both sighed of relief. They got up and sat on the couch with a gun cannon with them.

"Why do you two have a gun cannon?" you asked, sitting next to Jack.

Jack looked at you and smiled. "We were watching one of those shows you watched and we saw this guy using this gun cannon and shoot burritos out of it.."

 'Must be talking Fantasy Factory...' you thought.

"So, you thought you should try it out but something happen.." you said.

Jack nodded. "We put a burrito in the cannon and BEN had his finger on the trigger and that's when the burrito almost hit you.."

"Well, what are you two are going to do with the burrito cannon?" you asked.

"Why you ask?" BEN said.

"Cause....I think we should try it out...." you said.

They gave you a surprised look.

"You are going to help us with our burrito cannon?" Jack said.

You nodded and grabbed the cannon but BEN grabbed your wrist before you touched it.

"What will Jeff say about this?" BEN said.

You got out of his grip and grabbed the cannon "Don't worry and besides....what will happen when he finds you two?"

"Good point, alright I'm in. Jack?" he said.

You and BEN looked at Jack and he sighed and nodded. "Fine..."

You, BEN, and Jack went outside with a box of burritos and the 'Burrito cannon'.

Jeff's P.O.V

I looked around the manor and no sign of BEN or Jack. I sighed and started walking out of the manor.

'Once I find them, I'll make sure they'll pay..' I thought.

I opened the door but jumped back when a burrito almost hit me. I looked at where it came from and I see BEN, Jack and (Y/n) with a gun cannon.

"BEN! Stop putting your finger on the trigger!!" (y/n) said.

She hit in the side of the head and I chuckled.

"Sorry.." BEN said.

I walked up to them and BEN and Jack hid behind (y/n).

"We're sorry Jeff!!" Jack said.

"Yeah, sorry!! Don't kill us!!" BEN said.

I looked at (y/n) and she smiled shyly. I can't never kill them in front of her so I sighed and grabbed them both from behind (y/n). They were scared and were praying for their lives.

"I won't kill you guys, yet! But, what are you guys doing?" I said.

BEN and Jack sighed in relief and (y/n) grabbed a burrito from the box next to her.

"We're using this gun cannon and shooting burritos out of it.." she said.

"Really? Why?" I asked.

"Cause, its fun and no one said I can't use it.." she said.

"You want to try it Jeff?" BEN said.

"No...Hell no.." I said.

"Come on man!" he said.

"Just try it!!" Jack said.

"Please Jeff?" (y/n) said.

She gave a puppy-dog eyes and I couldn't resists to her so I nodded. She handed me the gun cannon and put a burrito in there. We didn't see Hoodie or Masky come out we almost hit them with a burrito. They both jumped and everyone came outside. Slendy was mad as ever and Jane smiled at what punishment we'll get.

"What on Earth on you doing with that?" Slendy yelled.

"We....uh.....Jack?.....BEN?" I said.

"Don't know what's he talking about!!" BEN said.

"Me either!!" Jack said.

I gave them a death glare (y/n) got the gun cannon out of my hands and stood in front of Slendy.

"This was my idea. I wanted to try this burrito cannon and I didn't know that someone could get hurt. I'm sorry..." (y/n) said.

We all looked at Slendy and sighed and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Its alright child, you didn't know someone would get hurt and I appreciate you for your honesty.." Slendy said.

"Okay...but...." she said.

"What child?" he said.

"Could I still use it?" she said.

He sighed and nodded and went back inside the manor with Sally next to him and we all gave (y/n) a shocked looked.

"What?" (y/n) said.

"I can't believe that he forgave you.." BEN said.

"Why? Is he not suppose to?" she said.

"No.." Jack said.

"Then why?" she said.

"Because we get punish for something stupid like this.." I said.

"But Slendy forgave her because she gave him the puppy dog eyes" Jane growled.

"Why do you care? You can't get off easily like how (y/n) did?" I said.

"Why should I care?" Jane said.

"Then, why are you here?" I said.

"Alright! Enough!" (y/n) yelled.

"Whatever.." Jane said as she walked back into the manor.

"PUT IT IN HER MOUTH!!" I yelled.

Then, (y/n) quickly reloaded the cannon with a burrito and aimed at Jane.

"Hey, Jane!!" (y/n) yelled.

Jane turned and gave her a death glare. "What?!"

"You hungry?" (y/n) yelled.

Jane looked confused and (y/n) shot her with a burrito. It hit her and Jane was covered with beans and cheese. We all cheered and laughed and reloaded the cannon.

"You just messed up my dress!!!" Jane yelled.

"HIT HER AGAIN!!!" we all yelled and Jane ran in.

(y/n) almost her and Masky looked worried.

"You guys are going to break a window with a burrito." Masky said.

"Wait! I have an idea!!" BEN said.

"What?" I said.

"(Y/n), could you reload the cannon please?" he said.

She nodded and reloaded while BEN ran in with Jack and came back outside with (y/n)'s skateboards.

"What you doing with my skateboards?" (y/n) yelled.

"Burrito Baseball!!" BEN and Jack yelled.

(Y/n) shrugged and shot the burrito. BEN hit it and the burrito hit Hoodie.

We continued to play Burrito Baseball for a while until we all got covered with burritos except for me and (y/n). Everyone took a shower and we all watched The Conjuring in the living room and we all fell asleep watching the movie. be continued...............

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Jane looked confused and (y/n) shot her with a burrito. It hit her and Jane was covered with beans and cheese. We all cheered and laughed and reloaded the cannon.
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