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October 31, 2013
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Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

 Your P.O.V

The guard left and Zalgo looked at you with an evil smile and you started to taking steps back while he was coming closer.

"What's the matter (y/n)?" Zalgo said.

"Stay the fuck away from me..." you said.

"Don't say that (y/n) wouldn't like to see my bad side, would you?" he said.

You ignored him and kept taking steps back until you hit the wall. He kept coming closer and closer and you needed something to make him step back. You looked around and found a dagger on the floor and grabbed it but, Zalgo grabbed a fistful of your hair and you screamed in pain when he was dragging you somewhere by your hair.

"Jeff, hurry.." you whispered.

Jeff's P.O.V

I finally finished the last guards when more came out of the castle.

"Motherfucker.....he just won't stop with these guards won't he?" I said.

"No, no he won't.." Slendy said.

"I'm sick with these guards, Slendy, help try to get in?!" I said, trying to pass through these guards.

He nodded and pushed any guard in front of him and me and we made it in the castle and locked those bastards out. Then, I heard someone screaming in pain, (Y/n). I looked at Slendy and he nodded. We went up the stairs as fast as we could until we reached the large double doors and busted them opened. No Zalgo or (y/n) to be found.

"(Y/N)?!" I yelled.

It was silence until a hear a faint voice from another room.

"(Y/N)?!" I yelled.

" me.." a voice said.

I looked at the other doors and it was opened. I laughed psychotically and ran into the other room and what I see, more stairs.

"FUCK!!! MORE STAIRS??!!" I yelled and stabbed the door with my knife.

"Control your temper Jeff!!" Slendy yelled.

I took deep breaths and kept my mind on one thing, getting (y/n) back. Once I was calm, I ran up the stairs until I stopped in front a door and it was locked.

'DAMMIT!!' I thought.

I kept slamming my body to the door and trying to open it with all my forced and it won't opened. I was trying to catch my breath from exhaustion and Slendy came.

"Need some help?" he said.

I sighed in defeat and nodded. Then, we kept slamming our bodies to the door until the door busted opened. I looked around and found Zalgo holding (y/n), at the edge of the window.

Your P.O.V

The door busted opened and you see Jeff and Slendy in front of you.

"(Y/n)...." Jeff said.

You smiled. "Jeff...."

"Give her back!!" he growled.

"Never.." Zalgo said, holding you tighter.

You couldn't breath with Zalgo holding you tighter and you started to feel a sharp pain on the side of your stomach. You were trying to get out of his grip and reaching a hand out to Jeff.

"" you said.

He tried to reached for your hand but Zalgo grabbed you by the neck and busted the window open. Then, he held you out of the window like he was about to throw you out.

"Let her go.." Jeff growled.

Zalgo smirked "As you wish.."

Then, he let you go and you were falling to your death until you grabbed onto a gargoyle and tried with all with your strength to hold on. You looked up and see Jeff looking out the window and looking down at you.

"Hold on (Y/n)! I'm coming!!" he yelled.

 You nodded and hold on to the gargoyle but the pain from the side of your stomach came back and you lifted your shirt a little and saw a open wound there. You touched it but moved your hand quickly and hissed in pain from touching it.

'Jeff better hurry up!' you thought.

Jeff's P.O.V

I looked out the window and see (y/n), safe and not dead. I yelled at her that I'm coming and she nodded. I looked back at Zalgo with a death glare and I tightly gripped my knife on my hand.

"You dead.." I growled.

Zalgo laughed like it was a joke but stopped when Slendy hanged him upside down. I walked closer to him and all he did was gave me an evil smirk

"You won't kill me, you know I'll come back.." Zalgo said.

"Is that a bet?" I said.

"Do it..go insane like what you did with your family.." he said.

I widen my eyes and held my knife up.

"You shut the hell up and GO-TO-SLEEP!!" I said and with one clean shot, Zalgo was decapitated.

I watched his head fall down and the blood oozed down out of head and Slendy threw his body out of the window.

"Jeff?!" a voice yelled.

I looked out the window and see (y/n).

'Crap! I forgot about her!' I thought.

I looked at Slendy with a grin on my face.

"What is it now?" he said.

"Just hang me upside down so I can get (y/n).." I said.

He sighed and nodded. "Fine.."

Then, he hanged me upside down and threw out the window with one tentacle holding one of my legs. I finally reached (y/n) and I reached a hand out to her.

"Grab my hand." I said.

She tried to reached my hand but resisted to touched her side of the stomach.

"What's wrong?" I said.

She lifted her shirt a little and showed a open wound there and pulled her shirt back down.

 'She must have got cut by a dagger or something sharp..' I thought.

I reached out to one more time and she hesitated at first but quickly grabbed my hand.

"Slendy!! Pull me back up!!" I yelled.

We went up and put (y/n) on the ground first before Slendy let go of me and I fell on top of (y/n). I was turning pink and  (y/n) was blushing hard at how close our faces were. I got of her and pulled her up.

Your P.O.V

 You were pulled up by Jeff and you were blushing hard at how close your faces were. He moved his face closer to you and he kissed you. You kissed back and pulled back we Slendy stopped it.

"(Y/n), Jeff, we have to go back before the guards come for us.." Slendy said.

You and Jeff nodded and Slendy made a portal back home. He walked in first, then you and then Jeff. You were in front of the manor and walked with Jeff holding your hand and entered the manor but jumped back when something almost hit you.

"Dammit!!" BEN and Jack said.

You looked at what they threw at you, it was a burrito. Then, Jeff gave them a death glare.

"You guys tried to (y/n) with a burrito?! Now, you guys are dead!!!" Jeff yelled before chasing them around the house.

You laughed but stopped when a hand touched your shoulder. You turned around and see Slendy.

"Yes, Slendy?" you said.

"(Y/n), I know you came back but, should know that Zalgo will come back for you and will use you to open the portal to thee under realm.." Slendy said. be continued............... 

I know I took a long time for this part but I wanted to get to get this out on Halloween!

Either way, I'm working on the next part and might be out on the weekend or tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy this part!!

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