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September 30, 2013
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Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Jeff's P.O.V

I snuck in (y/n)'s room while she was sleeping and look like an angel from heaven. Her (h/l),(h/c) was shining and blocking some of her face so I moved it. When I did (y/n) look like she wanted to wake up but she didn't. I quietly opened the door and tip-toed down the stairs and I see Isaiah sleeping on couch with his neck all ready for me to cut through until I feel bone to blade. I was a feet away from slicing his throat but then I heard a door open so I knew it was (y/n). she opened the door but only went to use the restroom. So when used the restroom, I was right in front of Isaiah and I heard waking up. when he opened his eyes, I saw the fear in eyes and was about to scream for (y/n) but I covered his mouth before he said anything or something. I went to his ear and whispered

"I don't like you. but you look awfully tired, I'll help you GO-TO-SLEEP!!!!"

 he was shaking in fear when I laid the blade on his throat and screamed under my mouth


I moved my hand from his mouth and said " what did you say?!"

 he control his shaking and stuttered

"I-I s-s-said what do you w-w-w-want?!"

 I laughed psychotically and said

 "I want you to bleed to death and scream for your ungrateful little li-"

 "Don't touch him! Get away from him!" a voice growled but I knew who it was,(y/n)but with a gun in her hand.

Your P.O.V

You woke up because you thought you heard your window open and for some reason, your window was open. You thought someone was in the house but it would be Isaiah only and he wouldn't open your window. it was getting weird for you so you decided to check it out. but before you went downstairs, you got the shotgun that your dad left in your closet for "protection". then went downstairs and made it sound like you were going to restroom. when you were downstairs, you saw Jeff trying to kill Isaiah. you aimed the shotgun right at Jeff's head and growled

"Don't touch him! Get away from him!"

Jeff and Isaiah turned their heads right at me and Jeff chuckled

"You know how to use that sweetheart?" Jeff said.

 "Growing up with only an overprotective dad, you learn how to use weapons from intruders so don't test me Joker!"

 Jeff just laughed at you and said "Cute with a small fuse, I like that about you"

 You blushed and yelled "I MEAN IT! I'LL SHOOT!!!"

 Isaiah was watching you two talk and tried to run out the house but it just made Jeff stabbed him in the leg. Isaiah screamed in pain when the blade was going deeper until it went through his leg.


 Jeff gave you a smirk, pulled the blade out and took a step towards you. when he did, you a step back just trying to protect yourself. Every time he took a step forwards, you kept taking a step back until you hit your back to the wall. When you hit the wall, you tried to run but Jeff blocked any ways where you try to run. you closed your eyes when you feel his body too close to yours. he put his mouth so close to your ear, that when he whispered, it made you shivered you from head to toe.

 "You know what I want (y/n)?"

you shook your head and he chuckled

 "all I want you (y/n)..."

 "huh what are you talking abo-mmhhpp" you cut off when Jeff crashed his lips against yours.

 your eyes went big and you kneed his stomach, which made him stop and hold on to his stomach. you ran up to Isaiah to help him up the stairs to your room. Isaiah lost too much blood and so you hid him in your closet. before you went to hide, he grabbed your wrist.

 "......(y-y/n) please don't leave me...." He said.

 you gently grabbed his shoulders and said " I'll be okay, don't worry bout me"

 you hugged him and he hugged back. after that, you heard Jeff laughed psychotically

"You want to play cat and mouse (y/n), I'll play but I will find you and Isaiah!!!!"

So, you hid in your dad's office where no one would ever looked cause no one allowed to be in there, especially you. 


Jeff's P.O.V

I went to find (y/n) in her room but there was no one in there. but, I heard someone groaning in pain.....Isaiah.....but he's too weak and I don't want to spoil my fun with him, just (y/n). so I checked every room except her dad's office, but there's a giant sign that says: OFF LIMITS. so I opened when I covered the word off with my arm.

"(y/n)....where are you?"  I sang in evilly, seductive tone.

I didn't see her anywhere by starting the closet but stop when I heard whimpering under the desk.

"I win!" I yelled at (y/n)which made her scream really loud.

 I got her out under the desk and pinned her down on the floor.

 "GET OFF OF ME!!!"(y/n) yelled at the top of her lungs.

 I put the blade right next to her throat.

" you don't want to see me angry, do you (y/n)?" I said.

After 5 minutes of her fighting she gave up and I kissed her on the lips very softly but she slapped me really hard across the face and I slapped her back really hard that it made her cry and turned her cheek red. when I saw what I did.

I said very softly " I'm sorry (y/n), didn't mean to-"

(y/n) interrupted me "it's okay I guess but do me a favor?"

 my lidless eyes widen in shock "what is it?!"

she pushed me off of her while saying " get off of me"

 when I did, we looked at each other for a long that I kissed her bruised cheek and noticed she was asleep on the floor. so I picked her up and placed her on her bed and took Isaiah's limply body to the bloodstained couch before I left. But before I left, I left a note for (y/n) to read when she wakes up. be continued..............

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Carlli2000 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Student Artist
I get so emotional lol. I got teary eyed when he slapped me on the face.
Ask-Dusk-Fall Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
BISH YOU HIT ME. -Bitch slap about 6 times- NO ONE SLAPS THIS FABU RIGHT HERE -Points to self-
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That made my day XD
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Glad I made you laugh :D I FEEL SO SPECIAL : ooo xD
Snow5555 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
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What does h/l mean? 
hoodiegirl924 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Student Artist
h/l: hair length
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