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October 22, 2013
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Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Your P.O.V

You and Jeff walked back to the manor and ran into Slendy's office. You both entered and you see a man in there. The man and Slendy looked at you and Jeff and Slendy stood up.

"Yes, child?" Slendy said.

"We-" you said before getting interrupted  by Jeff.

"Who's this?" Jeff said.

"This is Mr.Everett, he is a medium.." Slendy said.

"Medium?" Jeff said.

"They are people who are able to contact the dead." he said.

"Oh...." Jeff said.

Mr.Everett stood up and greeted himself and sat back down. He felt shy but had confidence in himself around us; but he looks terrified of Jeff for some reason. You shrugged it off and looked at Slendy.

"Now, (Y/n), what were you going to tell me?" Slendy said.

"I'll tell you later.." you said.

"Alright then, can you two sit down so I could talk to you two." he said.

You shrugged but Jeff hesitated at first but either way, you both sat down.

"Talk to us about what?" Jeff said while grabbing your wrist just in case something happens.

"Well, Mr.Everett can help us find out what is following (y/n)." he said.

"Yeah, I can find out what entity is with her but you have to stay silence." Mr.Everett said.

"Let 's begin, shall we?" Slendy said.

Everyone nodded and then a couple of seconds later, it all began. Mr.Everett opened his notepad and looked at you and Jeff.

"Jeff, does the name Carl reminds you of something?" Mr.Everett said.

"Carl?" Jeff said.

"Yes, Carl, C-A-R-L." he said.

"Carl's Jr...I had a turkey burger last week.." Jeff said.

"No No No.." Mr.Everett said, shaking his head.

You were trying to hold your laugh and Slendy just sighed.

"I'm serious, I had a turkey burger last week there." Jeff said.

 "Alright but we're not talking about food.." Mr. Everett said.

"Oh,....then no." Jeff said.

Mr.Everett sighed and looked at you.

"(Y/n), do you a guy named Gerald?" he said.

"No..." you said.

"How about Mikey?" he said.

"No..." you said.

"How about Johnny?" he said.

"No..." you said.

"Did you have a brother named Emilio?" he said.

"Yeah, I did." you said.

"It wasn't ten years ago was it?" he said.

"It was exactly ten years ago." you said.

 You had an older brother but he died when he was 14 when some people shot him when he was coming home from a friend's house. You found several days later when the same people went to jail for not only for shooting your brother but, also hiding a body in their basement.

Jeff's P.O.V

 'She had a brother?' I thought.

"Was he your older or younger brother?" I asked (Y/n).

"Older..." she said.

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah..." she said.

"How old was he when he died?" I asked.

"He was 14 when he died." she said.

"Whoa.." I said.

"Well, that's just one of them I'm talking about.." Mr.Everett said.

"One of them?" Slendy said.

"Yes, there are actually more than ten people following her." Mr.Everett said.

"More than ten?!" she said.

 "Yes.....They are more than ten but I feel a evil presence coming for you." he said.

"Why?" I said.

"Unsure, they keep whispering 'He's coming for you (y/n)', another one is saying for her to run and hide, and another one is saying 'Better safe than sorry'." he said.

" ' Better safe than sorry'?" (y/n) said.

" 'He's coming for you'?" I said.

"Who's coming for her Mr. Everett?" Slendy said.

"They keep saying 'It's a secret'...." Mr. Everett said.

"Secret?" I said.

"But they are saying more one thing.." he said.

"What?" (y/n) said.

 " They're saying 'You can't escape for what's coming (Y/n)...'...." he said be continued...............

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