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October 16, 2013
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Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Your P.O.V

You were sleeping soundly until you heard someone whispering your name. Your eyes shot up and you looked around the room, no one was there except for Jeff. You got out of bed when you heard footsteps going downstairs and you tip-toed downstairs. The footsteps stopped in front of the door. You ran before that person left.

"Hey! Who are y-" you said before you saw no one downstairs.

 You opened the door and looked outside and no one was there. You closed the door slowly and heard some whispers from the living room. You walked slowly into the living room until you stopped when you heard a man talking.

"I can't do this.." the man said.

'What is he talking about?' you thought.

"But.....I have to do this.." he said.

Then you heard a shotgun being reloaded and a loud bullet and a few broken bones. You screamed so loud that everyone woke up and Jeff ran up to you and hugged you.

Jeff's P.O.V

I was sleeping soundly until I heard (y/n) screaming and ran I fast down the stairs. I went downstairs and find (y/n) covering her ears and screaming on the floor. I ran up to her and hugged her.

"Its okay...Its okay, I'm right here.." I said, trying to calm her down.

Then Slendy came downstairs with BEN and Jack.

"What happened?" Slendy said.

"I..I heard..." she tried to but she started to hurt her head.

But I had an idea. I ran to my room and grabbed (y/n)'s sketchbook and ran downstairs and gave (y/n) her sketchbook. You grabbed it and started to draw what she saw; when she finished, she drew two pictures. One with a guy reloading a gun and the other picture showed the same guy but with a bullet through his head. She calmed down and I grabbed the sketchbook. I looked at it then showed it to Slendy. He took it and gave the sketchbook back to (y/n).

"(Y/n), is this what you heard?" he said with a hint of worried.

She nodded slowly and he sigh and walked up to her. She looked up and got up and walked out the room. I ran up to her and grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Hey...." I said.

She didn't look at me.

"What's wrong?" I said

She shook her head.

"I don't want to talk about it." she said.

 I looked at her and she looked like she wanted to cry.

Your P.O.V

You didn't want to know who that person was. You knew who was that person; it was your cousin, Arjang. He was there when you needed him the most and he shot himself when he 16 when he was going through depression. When you heard when he died, you cried but you still heard his voice telling you that you have to be strong and know that he will always be there even though he's not there. You started to cry a little and Jeff pulled you into a hug.

"What's wrong?" he said.

"That.... Person that I drew...........was my cousin." you said, trying to stop crying.

"R-Really?" he said.

You nodded and walked to Jeff's bed and tried to fall asleep but Jeff kept poking you.You turned around and see Jeff smiling and pulling you closer to him. You tried to pull away but he was too strong and he had already put his arms around your waist.

"What Jeff?" you said

"Why didn't you tell us that was your cousin?" he said.

"Cause.........I didn't believe that was my cousin until I finished drawing the picture." you sighed.

"How did you know it was your cousin?" he asked.

"He got shot in the same place where the bullet was at and when I heard the voice, I knew it had to be cousin." you said.

"Oh...then what happened to him?" he said.

"He committed suicide to himself because he going through depression.." you said looking away.

"Why was he depressed?" he said.

You sighed." Can we talk about it tomorrow?"

"Fine, but...we made have another problem." he said.

"What?" you said.

"Humans are getting killed one by one.." he said.

"Did you killed them?" you said.

"No, it wasn't us pastas.." he said.

"Then who?" you said.

"I don't know but they already killed 6 people. All strangled to death and head busted open..." he said.

"6 people? Who were they?" you asked.

"4 students from the high school and 2 teachers." he said.

"How did you find them?" you said.

"They were all  found in the woods and do you think what it might be?" he asked.

You sighed" Jeff, they are human sacrifices.." be continued.................... 

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