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September 30, 2013
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Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

   Jeff's P.O.V

I saw (y/n)'s dad coming to me when I laughed so hard and the next I know, he was right in front of me. I didn't what to do cause I can't kill him, that would hurt (y/n)'s heart and ruin my chance with her. But he didn't noticed me and just got a sketchbook that had (y/n) name on it next to the tree. But when I walked out, he noticed me by an instant.

 "HEY!! YOUNG MAN, COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!" (y/n)'s dad yelled.

I did what I told and then he was in front of me.

"Son, shouldn't you be in school?" he said.

"huh? what?" I was confused.

"Son, go to school and take off that make-up, you might be mistaken by the killer boy?" then it hit me, he didn't know who I was. AWESOME!!

 "Yes sir" I lied to him. He just nodded and drove off. Then I went back to (y/n)'s room and watch TV.

       *******TIME SKIP*******TIME SKIP***********TIMESKIP*************TIMESKIP*********************TIME SKIP**************

  Your P.O.V

It was the end of the day and you were sleepy that you could sleepwalk home but you just listened to music on your headphones. Isaiah found you ran up to you.

 "Are you excited?" he said.

 You were very suspicious with his grin on his face.

"Excited about what? Cause its not Friday or your birthday so spill it out man!!!"

 he kept his grin on his face like it was glued to him and said "It's the day I can stay or should I say sleep over at your house!"

Then it hit you 'CRAP I TOTALLY FORGOT' you thought

"Oh yeah but why do get excited when you come over to my house? All we do is watched movies and play video games" you said

 "Because you promised me that I could see your lair!" he said

 "Lair?.... oh you mean my attic?" you said

"No shit (y/n)!! But let's go so we could see your lair!!!" you sighed

"Alright, but don't touch my dad's guns, I got in trouble for the hole in the wall you made"

 "I didn't know he left ammo in the gun!" you laughed

"Whatever, let's just go"

********************************************TIME SKIP**********************************TIME SKIP*********************************


Jeff's P.O.V

I was thinking about (y/n) and then I heard (y/n) and Isaiah talking about someone called Rod Dyrdek and was coming up the stairs. So I jumped out the window again and waited by the tree in (y/n)'s backyard. A couple of minutes later, I saw her looking out her window and saw her look right at me. I smiled really big and waved at her but that made her start to panic. So when she wasn't looking at me, I climbed on her roof and waited till night comes, then I could make a visit to her and that little friend of her.

Your P.O.V

You came home and went straight to your room to get the keys to your attic because you don't trust anyone up there even your own dad doesn't come up there unless he's coming to get you ton eat something. But you had this strange feeling about the window so you look at the window, just to be safe. When you looked out, you saw Jeff the Killer and met eyes with him. At first, you thought your tiredness was taking over until he waved at you. You started to panicked and Isaiah got you and kept telling you to breath and stuff. When you calmed down, you looked out the window one more time and he wasn't there. then you started thinking 'is my mind seeing things now or was that the real HIM?!' Isaiah saw your expression and tried to make you happy by going to the attic. It worked and Isaiah loved your "LAIR" so much that he fell asleep on the couch in the living room. So it was getting late and your dad called saying that he won't be in morning when you to school. You yawned and went to your room and fell asleep but you didn't hear the window opened in your room. be continued.............

I know its short but i'll make the next one longer


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