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October 13, 2013
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Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Your P.O.V

You and Jeff walked to Slendy's office and opened it. You entered his office and he was working on something but when he looked at us, he put it aside.

 "Yes?" Slendy said.

Jeff handed him your sketchbook and showed him your drawing. He was shocked but it hard to tell with his lack of having a face.

"What is this (y/n)?" he said.

"I don't know....I was drawing and then I drew that." you said looking away.

"This looks familiar somewhere..." he said.

"Where?" Jeff said.

Then Slendy looked at you and stood up and walked up to you.

"(Y/n)....Have you seen this before?" Slendy said.

"No...." you said.

 "Do you what you drew?" he said.

"No.." you said.

"You drew a couple who died years ago in the woods.." he said.

You looked at him in shock.

"What?!" you said.

"This couple died years ago when they both committed suicide in the woods." he said.

 Jeff's P.O.V

 'she drew the couple that she heard in the woods?' I thought.

"(Y/n), wasn't that what you heard when you were in the woods?" I asked.

"What do you mean Jeff?" Slendy said.

"Well, and (y/n) was in the woods yesterday and (y/n) said that she heard a couple shot themselves in the woods." I said.

"Is that true (y/n)?" he said.

She nodded and tried to say something but she quickly shook her head.

 "What?" I said

"Nothing.." she said.

"(Y/n)....." I said.

"Yes?" she said.

"What were you going to say?" I said.

She sighed." I was going to say reminded me that a few years ago, I drew a dead couple and then the next day,..."

"What happened the next day?" I asked.

"The couple that I drew was dead from a car accident." she said.

"How is that possible?" I said, looking at Slendy.

"I'm not sure...But (Y/n) has this gift that might help us.." Slendy said.

 "With what?" she said.

"Maybe you could find out what's going on." he said.

"o-okay but,.....what do I do in the meantime?" she said.

"You will stay by Jeff's side and he will be guarding you." he said.

"Wait a minute!! Jeff is going to babysit me??!!" (y/n) yelled.

 I chuckled and (y/n) gave me a 'shut up' glare.

"If that what you want to put it, then yes. Jeff will be babysitting you." Slendy said

"But....I can handle myself." she said.

"It's true." I said.

"Fine, he will not babysit you but he will be watching you in case anything happens. Understood?" he said.

Your P.O.V

You sighed and nodded.

"Good. Now will you excuse me when I go on my kill time." Slendy said.

"Oh yeah, me too! See you later!" Jeff said.

He kissed your forehead and left with the others (Except for Sally) to go on their kill time. You went downstairs with Sally and watched Despicable Me before you fell asleep on the couch. But then, you woke up from a loud sound. You looked around and Sally on the couch with you, asleep. You pick her up and laid her down on her bed. You left her room and went to check what made that sound. You walked around the manor and saw nothing fell or break. Then, you heard voices upstairs. You looked at the clock.

'They're back so early?' you thought.

"Jeff? Slendy? You guys back already?!" you yelled.

No one answered. You went upstairs and checked every room, no one was here except for Sally. 'Weird, I thought I heard them.' you thought. Then you to Jeff's room and laid in his bed. You looked at you sketchbook and picked it up. You were shocked at what you saw. It was a message, written in blood. It said "Your time is almost up(Y/n)" be continued................ 



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