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January 18
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Jeff's P.O.V

"Son, is your mother home?" said the officer.

I nodded. "Yes."

Then, my mom appeared behind me. " is there something wrong?"

"Ma'am, can we talk to you?" said the officer's partner. My mom told me to go to my room and the only thing I could think of who told the cops about the fight? I only told one person and one person inly, (Y/n). I  walked back downstairs to see my mom with an angry look.

"Jeff, these officers tell me that you attacked three kids. That it wasn't regular fighting, and that they were stabbed. Stabbed, son!"  my mom said.

"Mom, they were the ones who pulled the knives on me and Liu."  I said.

"Son," said one of the cops," We found three kids, two stabbed, one having a bruise on his stomach, and we have witnesses proving that you fled the scene. Now, what does that tell us?"  I stayed silent.

"Son, call down your brother." said the cop.

I couldn't let Liu get blamed for something I did. "Sir, was me. I was the one who beat up those kids. My brother tried to hold me back, but he couldn't stop me."

The cop looked at his partner and they both nod. "Well kid, looks like a year in Juvy..."

"Wait!" yelled Liu. We all looked up to see Liu holding a knife. The officers pulled their guns and locked them on Liu. "It was me, I beat up those little punks. Have the marks to prove it." Liu lifted up his sleeves to reveal cuts and bruises, as if he was in a struggle.

"Son, just put the knife down," said the officer. Liu held up the knife and dropped it to the ground. He put his hands up and walked over to the cops.

"No Liu, it was me! I did it!" I yelled with tears coming out of my eyes.

"Huh, poor Jeff. Trying to take the blame for what I did. Well, take me away." said Liu. The police led Liu out to the patrol car.

"Liu, tell them it was me! Tell them! I was the one who beat up those kids!" My mom put her hands on my shoulders.

"Jeff, we all know it was Liu now, you don't have to keep lying now." my mom said. I watched them leave with Liu while I was in front of my house crying for my brother back.

Your P.O.V

You were in the living room working on your homework until you heard some police sirens. You went to look out the window and the first thing you see is the cops leaving with someone in the back seat. You tried to see who it was but you couldn't. You ran outside to get a closer look but the police car was gone.


Then, you heard someone crying and saw Jeff, crying on his driveway. You ran to Jeff and see his mom and dad talking inside about something.

"Jeff, what's wrong?" you said.

"They took him." he cried.

"Took who?" you said.

"Liu! They took Liu and it all my fault!" he said. He cried more until you gave him a hug.

"Hey, don't worry. We....we can get him back." you said.

"H-how? We have no proof." he said. He was trying to hold himself from crying a river.

"Well, I wouldn't say that." you said.

Jeff looked at you. "What do you m-mean?"

You pointed at the tree in front of your house. "See that tree."

He nodded. "Y-yeah, what about it?"

"Well, there's a camera in it that points at the bus stop." you said.

"Why?" he said.

"Well, my dad never told me but I could look at footage and see if it showed what happened." you said.

"Jeff, please come inside now." Jeff's mom said before Jeff could say anything. He walked back inside his house and looked back at you.

"Get the footage." he whispered.

You went straight to you house.

~Time Skip~

It was night and you went to go check if your parents were awake. They were knocked out in their bed and you silently walked downstairs and opened the door. You went to the tree and see if the footage was in there but, it wasn't.

"Hehe, looking for this?" a voice said behind you. You knew who it was, Randy. You turned around and looked at him.

"Give me it." you said.

He shook his head. "Nah, I think I'm keeping this. I know you're going to give this to the cops and show them this."

"Give me it now." you commanded.

He smirked. "No."

Then, he smashed the footage to ground. He walked away and you looked at the footage, broken. You wondered what are going tell Jeff about the footage.

"Did you get it?" a voice said.

You turned around and saw Jeff. You shook your head. "Randy came and broke it."

Jeff frowned. "Great. Now how can we get Liu back?"

"I don't know." you said. "But, that probably was the only hope."

"Yeah." he said.

He walked back to his house while you wondered what to do.  You turned around and bumped into your dad.

"(Y/n), what are you out here?" Your dad said. He looked at the footage broken and gave you an angry look.

"(Y/n), did you break the footage I put in?" he said.

"No. It was wait! Did you say put in?" you said.

"Yeah, I put in a new footage tape in there before I fell asleep. Why?" he said.

"N-nothing. So, where's the footage that was in there?" you asked.

"In my office which you know you can't get in. Now, get back inside young lady and go back to sleep." he said.

You went back inside and was thinking of how were you going into your dad's office and trying to get the footage.

Jeff's P.O.V

'Damn! We were so close to get that footage and get Liu out of Juvy but that bastard broke it!'

I went to the restroom and looked at my reflection but jumped back. It was me but it had white skin, black hair, burned eyes and a giant smile on it. I rubbed my eyes to see if I was dreaming but I wasn't.

"Jeff, I know what you want." it said.

"What?" I said.

"You want to kill those kids for sending Liu to Juvy and kill anyone who gets in your way from doing that. Don't you?" it said.

"Y-yeah. I do." I said.

"Well, there's a party you and your family are going to someday, kill them there." it said before disappearing.

"I will." I said smirking. be continued............

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